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Delegation of Senior Staffs and Lecturers from UCSI University- Malaysia


  1. Mr. Zulkifli Bin Husin- UCSI Lecturer for Architecture programme
  2. Mr. Vincent Follet- Architect/JRS Lecturer
  3. Ms. Eng Yoke Har- Deputy Registrar- Registrar’s Office- UCSI
  4. Ms Aruna Chengelvoyen- Associate Director- Registry & Support Services (HR & Admin)/ Associate Director- Management & Information Technology- JRS
  5. Ms. Chia Lin Lin- UCSI Lecturer for Architecture programme
  6. Asst. Prof. Zaiton Binti Mokhtar Shah- Head of School (Acting), Academic QAE Head, School of Architecture and Built Environment- UCSI
  7. Mr. Teerouven Guillaume- Executive Director- JRS
  8. Mr. Amit Namah- Associate Director- Corporate, QMS & Educational Excellence- JRS

An important delegation from the UCSI University- Malaysia has visited us for one week starting from 03.05.14 to 09.05.14, comprising of Senior Staffs and Lecturers.

The aim of their visit was mainly for the monitoring and lecturing of our new programme BSc Architecture (the first in Mauritius) which was launched shortly in Feb/Mar 2014. As per our agreement with UCSI, three visits are scheduled for each year in order to maintain the quality of the programme and to keep the same level of education as in Malaysia.

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